What we’re talking about

From rich media to business models to internationalisation, we’re covering the content strategy gamut.

The value of content

What are we talking about when we say “content”? And how do we measure its success (or failure)? These talks explore both the value of content and how to measure it.

5 presentations

Key themes: analytics, metrics, marketing, publishing

Content strategy technique camp

Get tools, techniques, methods, deliverables, and processes that work. These talks showcase techniques used in real projects by content strategists—the ones that get the job done and create great work.

4 presentations

Key themes: scoping, workflow, user experience design, project management

User experience design and content strategy

How do you integrate content into an existing design process? Content strategists and UX designers will demonstrate how their disciplines can work together, plus how to sell content strategy to the user experience converted.

5 presentations

Key themes: user experience design, project management

Business models for content

Get down and dirty with the money behind the content. These presentations discuss how to fund content strategy project in any business, from product development to publishing, e-commerce to non-profit.

5 presentations

Key themes: publishing, governance, business, finance

Content strategy for video

These talks explore how to apply content strategy to video, from creation to publication. Our speakers will talk about the whys and hows of video content.

2 presentations

Key themes: user experience design, technology, rich media, data visualisation

How to staff a content strategy project

How do you change your web team—or your entire business—to make room for content strategy? These presentations discuss which roles need to be filled, what the vital skills are, and how to build a business case for creating a content strategy dream team.

3 presentations

Key themes: governance, web design, business, finance


Great content needs an understanding of context, from psychology to device. These presentations will discuss context—what it is, why it’s important and how to measure it to create a foolproof content strategy.

3 presentations

Key themes: user experience design, technology

Technology and content

These presentations will explore the rocky relationship between technology and content, discussing how content strategists, CMS experts, and technology vendors can work together to achieve organisations’ business objectives.

3 presentations

Key themes: management, technology, development, strategy

Content strategy and the complex reader

There are many things to consider when creating online content. These talks will explore the audience side of the content strategy challenge, from localisation to accessibility. They’ll explain how to plan for and implement content for a diverse and complicated audience.

3 presentations

Key themes: technical communication, strategy, management, translation