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Sun 4 Sep

Barbecue & Wine Reception

The Deck at the National Theatre, 6–11 PM

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Mon 5 Sep

Time Auditorium, Mermaid Conference Centre
8:008:55 AM 55 mins Registration, coffee, and pastries
8:559:00 AM 5 mins Welcome
9:009:40 AM 40 mins Gerry McGovern Keynote: Manage the tasks, not the content
9:5010:10 AM 20 mins Melissa Rach Content strategy methodology: a DIY project
10:2010:40 AM 20 mins Margot Bloomstein First things first: message matters
10:4011:10 AM 30 mins Coffee break
11:1011:50 AM 40 mins Karen McGrane Keynote: The way forward: what’s next for content strategy
12:0012:20 PM 20 mins Lisa Welchman On All the Different “Web Governances” in the Universe
12:3012:50 PM 20 mins Eric Reiss Content strategists: the men and women of a new renaissance
12:502:20 PM 1 hour 30 mins Lunch

Including “Meet the speakers” session (1:30-2:00pm, Blackfriars Room)

2:203:00 PM 40 mins Erin Kissane Making sense of the (new) new content landscape
3:103:30 PM 20 mins Des Traynor The language of software: the role of content strategy in software development
3:304:00 PM 30 mins Coffee break
4:004:20 PM 20 mins Richard Ingram How did we all get here?
4:305:00 PM 30 mins Lightning talks

Watch HD videos of these 5-minute talks:

5:308:00 PM 2 hours 30 mins Drinks reception, Blackfriars Room

Sponsored by Content Science.

Tue 6 Sep

Time Auditorium, Mermaid Conference Centre Studio, Mermaid Conference Centre Miles Room, Mermaid Conference Centre
8:009:00 AM 1 hour Coffee and pastries
9:009:40 AM 40 mins Marko Hurst Is your content worth it? Prove it. Martin Belam Taking content strategy to people who already think they have one Daniel Eizans Contextually relevant content strategies
9:5010:10 AM 20 mins Ove Dalen Cut the crap: why deleting is improving Elizabeth McGuane Content is UX is design: crossing disciplines for fun and profit Corinne Schmid Gamification and content strategy
10:2010:40 AM 20 mins Rick Allen Developing an analytics strategy for your content Sophie Dennis How web designers can stop worrying and learn to love content strategy Tyler Tate How content strategy supports learning
10:4011:10 AM 30 mins Coffee break
11:1011:50 AM 40 mins Catherine Toole Seven micro content strategy projects with high return on investment Kate Kenyon Content strategy, content management tools, and the happy ending Lise Janody Balance, compromise and localisation
12:0012:20 PM 20 mins Anne Caborn Data-informed content strategy Cleve Gibbon The Strategist and the Executioner Irene Walker Understanding accessibility
12:3012:50 PM 20 mins Relly Annett-Baker Small budget, big difference. Lisa Moore Agile and content strategy Charlie Peverett Content strategy for the social web
12:502:20 PM 1 hour 30 mins Lunch

Including “Meet the speakers” session (1:30-2:00pm, Blackfriars Room)

2:203:00 PM 40 mins Diana Railton How content strategy supports communications strategy Noz Urbina B2B Content strategy: How to create company- and customer-focused content Benjamin Fischer The “classic” content provider and the technological shift
3:103:30 PM 20 mins John Ryan Content Strategy Goes to the Movies Cory-Ann Joseph How to plan for multi-dimensional content
3:304:00 PM 30 mins Coffee break
4:004:50 PM 50 mins Kristina Halvorson The content strategy panel extraordinaire
4:505:00 PM 10 mins Thank you and goodnight
6:0010:00 PM 4 hours Conference party

The Book Club, 100-106 Leonard Street, Shoreditch, EC2A 4RH
Read the details and get directions from the Mermaid (20 min. by bus, 30 min. walking.)

Wed 7 Sep

Time Thompson Room, IET London Savoy Place Faraday Room, IET London Savoy Place
8:008:30 AM 30 mins Coffee and pastries
8:3012:00 PM 3 hours 30 mins Colleen Jones Climb to Clout: Principles & Evaluation for Influential Web Content John Alderman Communication planning and measurable persuasion
12:001:30 PM 1 hour 30 mins Lunch
1:305:00 PM 3 hours 30 mins Ida Hakola & Ilona Hiila Designing technology from content’s perspective Martha Rotter Designing narrative content