About the Content Strategy Forum

It started in Paris

CS Forum 2010 was the first public conference solely dedicated to content strategy. It was conceived by user experience and technical communication professionals, highlighting the relevance between content strategy and other disciplines in experience design.

As soon as CS Forum was announced, it gained immediate attention from content professionals around the world, and the programme quickly filled with leading content strategy advocates like Kristina Halvorson, Rahel Anne Bailie, Colleen Jones, Karen McGrane, Jeff MacIntyre, and Rachel Lovinger, to name a few. The event was a sold-out success, with attendees from as far as Vancouver and Cape Town. The Huffington Post picked up on it before the conference was even over.

2011... London, baby!

The clear interest for the Forum in Europe left only one thing for it—do it again. To that end,

put their three aitches together—heads, hearts, and hands—to make CS Forum 11 unforgettable.

The future of CS Forum

We aim to make CS Forum an annual event, where international audiences can learn, share, and network. We’ve published a set of guidelines to help select a host city each year. Stay tuned, and stay content hungry, because CS Forum has a lot in store.